Middle School Sports

WRSD Athletics Website

For more detailed information on the Athletic Offerings and Fall Sign-ups for both the Middle and High School, please go to the WRSD Athletics website.

Manditory HS/MS Parents & Athlete Night

On Wednesday, August 24th, a mandatory parent/athlete night will take place at WRHS. The MS parents, athletes, and coaches will meet in the HS Cafeteria at 5pm and then with individual teams/coaches until 6pm. The HS parents, athletes, and coaches will meet in the HS Cafeteria at 6:30pm and then with individual teams and coaches until 7:30pm.

NEW Eligibility Policy for THIS Year

For your convenience, we have provided the NEW policy JJA-R Student Athletic, Activities/Organizations: Academic Eligibilty Standards which will go into effect next year.

Sports Calendars for HS & MS

You may access the Sports Google calendars for the entire year below or for individual team practices and game calendars, please go to the WRSD Athletics website.

WRMS Offerings

WRMS offers a variety of athletic opportunities for students in Grades 6 though 8:

Fall Sports
Cross Country
Field Hockey

Winter Sports
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Spring Sports
Track & Field


When a concern arises, the first point of contact needs to be with the coach. Below is a chain of communication within the district that needs to be followed:

  1. Coach
  2. Athletic Director
  3. Building Principal
  4. Superintendent
  5. School Board

Most issues get solved at the coach level. If, as a parent, your concerns are not resolved then you need to touch base with the Athletic Director, Zach Medlock and so on throughout the above listed levels.

Becky Zumbach Athletic Director Co-Curricular Advisor286-4531 ext. 217