Regular school attendance is essential to academic and life success. There is a direct, positive correlation between student attendance and student achievement. Time lost is essentially a loss of educational opportunities and growth. The same causal effect exists between student academic achievement and socioeconomic status. It has been estimated high school graduates earn over $6,000 more each year than those who do not complete their education. Making good attendance a priority will perpetuate one’s success in school and in life.

RSA 193:1 “Every child between six and sixteen years of age shall attend the public school within the district or a public school outside the district to which he/she is assigned or an approved private school during all the time the public schools are in session, unless the child has been excused from attending on the grounds that his/her physical or mental condition is such as to prevent his/her attendance or to make it undesirable.  Provided that any child more than fourteen years old who has completed the studies prescribed for the elementary schools shall not be required to attend high school if the school district where he/she resides does not maintain a high school.  Providing further if a child reaches his/her sixth birthday after September 30th, he/she will not be required to attend school under the provisions of this act until the following year, or unless the student is suspended or dismissed.”

RSA 193:3  “Every person having the custody of a child shall cause the child to attend such a school during all the time the public schools are in session.” Students must attend the school in the district in which their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) resided


The following guidelines will enhance communication and improve the documentation process required for keeping accurate, student attendance:

  1. Parents MUST call the main office (MO) (286-4531 x100), to notify and verify their son/daughter’s absence.

  2. Upon return from an absence, written documentation needs to be brought to the MO for verification.

  3. School attendance will be taken at the beginning of first period.

  4. Students who arrive late to school need to sign in at the MO.

  5. Seniors, with first period senior privileges, must sign in at MO upon arriving to school.

  6. Students, who wish to be dismissed, must bring a valid note to the MO by 7:42 am and then sign out at the appropriate time.

  7. Teachers and /or administration will evaluate attendance each semester, but communicate with parents and students throughout the marking period.


Students may only leave school for medical appointments, emergencies, or court appearances. Students must provide a written note to the MO by 7:42 am and obtain a dismissal slip. Before leaving, students need to sign out of school in the MO. School begins at 7:42 am. Students arriving after 7:42 am must sign in the main office and are considered late to school.  Every 9th tardy to school will result in the FED.  Three tardies to class may be counted as a class absence.


To receive credit for a course, the student must fulfill the course requirements set forth by the teacher and meet the attendance requirements set forth by the school board policy.


Attendance Requirement

  • Full year, one credit course: Credit may be held if a student exceeds 16 absences.
  • Semester, ½ credit course: Credit may be held if a student exceeds 8 absences.
  • Regardless of the reason for any class absence, it is the student’s responsibility to meet with his/her teachers at an appropriate time to obtain assignments.


The following causes for an absence will count against the hours required for attendance and credit:

  • Leave of absence (family vacations, emergencies, etc.)
  • Regular illness not needing medical attention

The following documented causes for an absence will not be counted against the number of hours required for attendance:

  • Medical appointments and medically treated illness (documented by a note from the Dr.’s office or appointment cards).
  • Pre-approved Educational Activities.
  • Court involving subpoena/summons or custodial matter. (documented by a copy of a subpoena/summons)
  • Death in the immediate family (documented by letter from parent/guardian)
  • The first 5 days of the first occurrence of an out of school suspensions will count against the allowed total absences from a class.  For all out of school suspensions, the student will be required to meet with the classroom teacher upon return.  The student and teacher will develop a timeline for the completion of the missed work and for everyday of suspension the student will be allowed 2 days to complete the assignment but not to exceed a maximum of 20 days.
  • Other out of ordinary event may be approved at the discretion of the Principal.

All documentation for above excused absences must be received in the main office no later than 2 weeks from the date of occurrence.  If documentation is not provided within the 2 week time, it will not be accepted.

Leave of absence (to be completed 2 weeks prior to absence):  Students and parents /guardians are advised that leave of absences WILL count toward a student’s total number of absences.  When taking such a leave, students need to:

  • Bring in a note from the parent/guardian to the Assistant Principal’s Office prior to the dates to be missed.  
  • Obtain, complete, and return “Prior Notification” form

A letter will be sent home by the APO regarding the leave.

Appeal Process – Consideration for appealing absences for credit

Upon notification of excessive absences the student’s will begin the appeals process by:

  • Collecting required documentation
  • Setting up a meeting with the committee
  • Meet with the committee as required

Loss of credit

Students who are passing academically but fail to produce the required documentation and reasoning for excessive absence will lose the credit for that course. Students may not have to repeat that specific course but will have to make up a credit either in a specific content area or in an elective.